About This Park

First State National Historical Park is made up of seven sites spread throughout the entire state of Delaware.  The park was designated as a National Monument in 2013 and a National Historical Park shortly thereafter in 2014.  The Park focuses on the story of first settlement through the ratification of the United States Constitution. 

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In 2012, 1,100 acres  along the Brandywine River was purchased from Woodlawn Trustees.   These parcels were added to the proposal for the new national park to  conserve  and  interpret  the  natural  and  cultural  landscape  of  the  Brandywine  Valley  consistent  with  William  Poole  Bancroft's  vision  of  an  open  space  accessible  to  the  public  for  their  health  and  well-being.  Over 40 businesses, nonprofit organizations, local governments and countless individuals worked together to support the addition of this parcel and for its designation as a national park.

Since the designation, the park service has completed several park resource assessments, visioning and planning for the initial steps in establishing the national park including the Brandywine Valley Unit along the Brandywine.  During this time, interest and support has remained strong from local and regional  groups affiliated with the Brandywine and many have been involved in the park’s initial planning.  In a state rich in environmental, cultural and historical organizations, there is a strong interest in a collaborative approach to the park to serve the state’s residents and visitors.  The park is being developed as a “Partnership Park” to

MORE than 1,350 acres

1354 Acres of land maintained to preserve and interpret the cultural and historic resources associated with early settlements of the valley.

21 miles of recreational trails

A variety of trails and open space accessible to the public for their health and well-being.

Tens of Thousands of Visitors per year

Countless visitors come each year to see and feel the beauty preserved in the park.

Fun facts

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A Vision

This land serves as a reminder of William Poole Bancrofts vision to protect a green space all people to enjoy.



There are over a hundred miles of trails that are open to the public from sunrise to sunset. Explore with friends and find your special place.



Beaver Valley was settled in the late 1600's. Look around and you'll find numerous evidence of the early settlers of America. You'll find standing structures, mills, mill races, foundations, and so much more.